Fees are defined according to the area of intervention.
We establish a fee schedule before starting the intervention, according to one of the following formulas.



Disputes are subject to pricing that includes a flat rate and result-based fees calculated from the savings achieved in respect to the demands, following a court decision or a negotiation that we handle if a settlement is appropriate.



Trainings are priced at a flat rate that includes preparation, organisation and the documents handed to the participants.


Convention of intervention as counsel or in negotiation

Since our interventions as counsellors or negotiators are by their nature subject to the vagaries of resistance to change, a precise budget cannot be established. Our experience enables us, however, to present a detailed budget range that takes into account the difficulties that can be encountered in the course of the intervention.

We guarantee the budget estimate with a maximum overrun of 10%. We hand in a detailed report of the time spent during the course of the intervention to enable the use of the budget to be closely monitored.


Partnership convention

Billing is estimated over a period of 12 months and smoothed monthly. Adjustments can be decided in case of under-or over-consumption. Assistance covers all issues resulting from the management of human resources and social relations, both on the day-to-day management of the company as well as specific situations.

Knowledge of the human resource management policy of the company and our prior participation to the case preparation allow us to establish a special pricing in the area of litigation.


Time spent convention

The nature of some one-off interventions (as in counselling or negotiation), generally on a short time basis, makes it difficult to estimate a budget. Billing is based on an hourly rate for each intervener that varies according to their expertise