Consolidation of the HR function


Our personalised support enables HR and/or social relationships managers, and those with additional responsibilities, to rapidly acquire the skills to implement labour law efficiently, when taking up new duties.


A good understanding of their role and place in the plans of head office and the capacity to not be wrong-footed in labour law, allows the manager in charge of human resources to implement an HR policy calmly and efficiently.


This company in the B to B distribution area has reached a size that necessitates the creation of a Human Resources Department. The decision has been made not to recruit a specialist but to give priority to knowledge within the company and employees and entrust that responsibility to a person who, on top of other functions, supervised salary payments and personnel administration.

We step in for half a day with 3 to 4 weeks in-between organised around personnel work by the HR Manager and dealing with the following themes: the HR function in the general management area, the content of the HR function, the relationships with general management, social relationships, porosity between business and society, differences between policy, strategy, tactics, purpose and conduct of an HR policy, support of labour law. Within this framework, we have worked with the HR Manager in their choice of any additional training that they needed.

At the end of our intervention, we worked with the HR Manager in the creation of the HR draft policy to be presented to their general management for the forthcoming period. This project was implemented after some minor adjustments.