day-to-day support


We support you in the whole field of labour law, from a single question to regular monitoring, in the analysis of the situation, the identification and implementation of the most appropriate solutions, and by involving ourselves in your HR policy.


By integrating labour law in day-to-day management, we reduce the risk of conflicts and their cost, but we also facilitate the emergence or consolidation of harmonious and effective professional relationships. Mastery of labour law contributes to making the social policy credible.


This consumer goods distribution company was fragmented and regularly called on labour law lawyers to manage individual conflicts with their employees for contract terminations, but also during the course of the contract.

For a comparable budget to what was devoted to conflict management, we analysed the sources of conflict with the member of the board of Directors in charge of HR and part of the management team. We formalised and shared the managerial principles that rely on labour law. We support the HR manager and through him the whole management team in the analysis of the situation and the identification of solutions as soon as the first tensions appear.

In less than a year, the number of disputes, and consequently the cost of penalties, decreased markedly and the credibility of the managerial policy increased. The tensions and turn-over have decreased.