Reorganisation of voluntary redundancy plan and/or “employment safeguard scheme”


Whether it is about voluntary redundancies of forced collective redundancies for economic reasons, our know-how helps to limit internal and external tensions and delays. We have consolidated that know-how in restructurings of all sizes (from a few tens to several hundred positions).


A reorganisation when it is dealt with in short periods of time, within the framework of reasoned negotiations and controlled communication, makes the acceptance by the remaining personnel of new working conditions easier, and therefore the achievement of the expected productivity and quality levels.


The market of this industrial company collapsed and the transition manager defined a programme of actions including a reduction by 20% in employee numbers. This program has just been accepted by the Court of Commerce during the observation period

In support of the transition manager, we assist the line management in the choice of organisational changes and the analysis of the complexity and the risk (which can be imposed on the employees and is in the purview of a work contract or agreement, definition and the application of the order of criteria), we define the planning of negotiations, we write the file to be presented to the administration and personnel representatives, we control the legal conformity of the whole process. We attend some meetings with the social partners to shed legal light on the ongoing process. We also participate in the control of internal communication (notes, information augmented by management).

While the social relationships were historically conflictual, the new organisation is set up in time so that its effects can be perceptible during the anticipated hearing at the Tribunal of Commerce to determine the continuing plan of action.