Social relations


We help you with a balanced analysis of the definition and implementation of the social relationships strategy and the system of managing of social relations.


Our proven experience results in crucial adjustments that facilitate the development of constructive social relations.


This processing company is the result of a long story. It had become the subsidiary of a foreign group more than ten years ago. There is only one employees’ union. We had been called in after long lasting strong union action with a total blockade of production and threats and violence towards those who did not strike. The salary level was already high, and the collective agreement included very numerous benefits. In order for work to resume, management had conceded new benefits.

With the management team we analysed the history, the balance of power, the interplay of the stakeholders and developed a new system of management of social relations: participants, each person’s role, the operating principles of the social relationships coordinating team, relationships with the shareholders, relationships with the personnel representatives of the various bodies, internal communications. We have also established a negotiation programme and accompanied the management during the preparation and coordination of the negotiations.

Two years after the conflict, social relationships are more open, exchanges are no longer tense, the balance of power progressively gave way to the establishment of responsible policy making. Several collective bargaining agreements were signed with the sole employees’ union.