We have created the flash diagnosis that enables identification in one or two days, according to the complexity of the company, of the areas of social risk. It is a tool designed for leaders taking up their posts, and more particularly transition managers. In an in-depth audit, our conclusions facilitate the decision-making process in acquisition projects and the definition of the negotiation objectives of the substitution agreement.


Beyond the compliance audit that is always necessary in the case of the resumption of an operations project, we present in a practical way the collective status and associated risks so that the leaders can integrate social risk with all the risks linked to the takeover. They can then assess the project’s relevance or identify actions to take to consolidate its success. Our flash diagnosis allows the leaders to prioritise quickly the steps necessary to decrease the social risk.


This factory in the heavy industry area is transferred by an international group with thousands of employees to a northern European family group with a little over one thousand employees.

We perform a detailed audit of the collective status steeped in the history of the original group, we assess with management the compatibility of various measures with the size and culture of an SME, we assess the technical difficulties of the planned changes and we chart the appropriate course of action.

Within months of the transfer, the factory had a coherent collective status without any social tension. All structural components were affected notably the duration and organisation of working time, classifications, remuneration and fringe benefits.