The negotiation


We help you in preparing and organising collective bargaining, within the framework of an individual negotiation or the management of a social relationships policy. We give you the method that we have validated over time. We also accompany you in individual negotiations for an employee’s departure.


Our methods and experience facilitate exchanges that are adapted and produce quick and durable results, notably in crisis situations. We have often contributed to unblocking crisis situations and concluding complex negotiations thus creating a new normative balance accepted throughout the company.


For this family business in difficulty, employing several hundred people, and specialising in consumer goods, the issue was to quickly modify the organisation of working time to improve customer service and reduce the casual work budget. The main union was opposed in principle to the project. The minority union was inactive.

We joined management in the analysis of the issues, the balance of powers, and the negotiation aims. We developed the negotiation and communication plan.

In less than three weeks, an agreement was signed with the minority union and the assent of the majority of the employees. It was implemented by the deadline. It included the demise of all rostered days off and more organisational flexibility throughout the year.

We supported management on numerous issues in a variety of areas: working time, remuneration systems, classification systems, organisational adjustment, evolution of job descriptions, etc.